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Music festivals on the brain

It started yesterday. The sky was blue with fluffy clouds that looked like paintbrush strokes or feathers, and the temperature was kind of cool for here, only in the 60s. That's good up north weather. My mind turned to camping and pine trees and music festivals, specifically Blissfest, near Cross Village, MI, July 10-12, and Hiawatha, in Marquette, MI, July 17-19.

Blissfest's lineup this year includes Kathy Mattea, Mountain Heart, Loudon Wainwright III, The John Jorgenson Quintet, That 1 Guy, Sara Lee Guthrie & Johny Irion, Jorge Miquel Flamenco, Pat Donohue & Howard Levy, and The McDades. I have to say, this sounds way better than last year's lineup to me.

One week later at Hiawatha, the main-stage acts include Tangled Roots, The Stairwell Sisters, Josh White Jr., Pat Donohue, Lucy Kaplansky, Rhythm In Shoes, Cafe Accordion, Feufollet, and Mamadou Diabate. I've learned from my contact that we have secured a campsite already, so for us the festival kind of starts on Thursday the 16th. (That's important, as Hiawatha is located in a park and campground, where Bliss is in a big empty field.)

I even have my vacation time scheduled for them both. Now I just need to schedule time for camping gear shopping. I might splurge on an air mattress for under my sleeping bag this year. I have to start relearning the mandolin for Hiawatha — last year I hardly had the guitar out of its case.

(Note: I realize that by now, anything I write online may be trawled and transmitted to someone who will then spam me, so let me say that these are just my favorites; it's not as if I think the other ones are no good but I have core groups of friends who go to these two and not the others.)



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Jun. 2nd, 2009 03:29 am (UTC)
I'll be at Bliss this year!

There were a few new things on their web site. One is reserved camping - members can apparently pay an additional fee and reserve a site along the tree line of the camping area. I would have thought that such a camping privilege would be available to members, but supposedly one must pay an additional $50.00 - on TOP of the usual admission fee. Sheesh.

I'm giving some thought to bringing the Big Camper along this time around, especially since we will have just given it a test run for a family vacation. No decisions yet, though... I have to do some research as to what may be involved in "dry" (non-hookup) camping, and I'm concerned about the low ride of the trailer over the "off-road" drive into the Bliss camp. (It wouldn't break my heart to use the pop-up again, either, but.. I'd like to try it just ONCE...)
Jun. 2nd, 2009 06:21 pm (UTC)
Reserved camping... somehow it seems strange for Blissfest to be handling those sites in such a capitalist way. :) I say if you bring a camper (small or big), we'll have just enough shade without paying an extra $50.

You could probably rent out space in the big camper and make some of your camping fee back.
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