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The Internet and my last nerve

Dealing with computer viruses is not the way I like to spend a day off. And yet, two hours of my day were taken up trying to rid my desktop of the Vundo trojan, which snuck its way into my system over the weekend. My computer may actually not yet be clean, in fact; I won't know till I start it up a few times. Apparently it's a persistent little bugger.

I think I got it through an infected advertisement on DeviantArt, though it might've been via another ad on another of my regular sites. I've gotten things like this via MySpace in the past. These aren't exactly the dark, back alleys of the Internet. It's likely that DeviantArt and Myspace do not completely control the ads, which are placed by companies that specialize in ad placements. Still, one would think that sites with millions of users would somehow manage to prevent this sort of crap.

We're supposed to put all our faith into the Internet and come to use it for everything—paying bills, applying for jobs, writing to Grandma, create art, check stock portfolios. It's the height of irresponsibility, frankly, to expect that "normal" people can do this with all the hooligans and criminals inflicting damage and annoyance everywhere. What if you went to the grocery store, and someone from outside the store came in and coated the floor with a lubricant so that you slipped and fell on your way from the produce to the meat department? If my Mom had gotten that trojan, it would've been the equivalent of her falling and breaking her hip on that slippery floor, honest to gods.

It all seemed so cool a decade ago, this Internet thingy with the Wild West attitude. Now, I just wonder when the marshal is going to ride into town and start stringing up the desperadoes.


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Feb. 17th, 2009 01:38 pm (UTC)
There was an article in the times yesterday on just this - do we need a new internet?

Feb. 17th, 2009 02:24 pm (UTC)
Whoa, cool. Thanks for the link.
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