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Between coughing fits

The show on Saturday went pretty well, despite me sounding like something between Tom Waits and Bonnie Tyler on account of the cold I started developing on Thursday. Saturday was when the cold really set in, as far as chills and tiredness went, but by evening I was OK enough. It was fun; there were quite a few people I was happy to see, Manton was in fine form, and it was overall very friendly and warm.

I started with an old Jesse Winchester (via Emmylou Harris) song, "Defying Gravity," that just popped into my head on my way to Trixie's. But I overestimated how low the cold made my voice, so I started it in F and had to modulate it twice upward to finish it. Oops. Guess I didn't need to tune the guitar down, after all.

The cold has since expanded into my chest cavity of course. Everytime I thought it couldn't get worse, it has. (I'm now resorting to not thinking about it. It's the only safe approach.) I worked at home yesterday to spare co-workers from my displays of rhinovirus anguish, but had to come in today. I brought almost my whole medicine cabinet, but somehow failed to remember the menthol cough lozenges and the lip balm (since I'm still mouthbreathing, thank me for sharing).

Enough of me and my cold. I'm sure you were highly entertained by all that.

In economics news, my sister, who supported John McCain in the election, and noted economist Paul Krugman both agree about the economic stimulous package being woefully inadequate. I doubt she has read Dr. Krugman, ever, but she is one of the people who probably won't get much help out of what Congress is putting together. The fact that my right-wing sister and the author of "The Conscience of a Liberal" agree on anything has made my little world wobble on its axis just a little, that's all. It may be an improbability sufficient to power the Heart of Gold, so long as it wasn't engaged in making a cup of tea.

And I love how the stock markets demonstrate their love for Timothy Geithner and respect for his efforts by collapsing—down about 4.4% as of 2:30-ish. Nice job, guys. I wasn't sure I really needed that 401(k), anyway.



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Feb. 11th, 2009 02:19 pm (UTC)
Hope you feel better soon, if not the stock market...
Feb. 11th, 2009 07:24 pm (UTC)
Thanks :) I'm improving little by little. The cough isn't quite as pathetic sounding today, though it still is about the volume and tenor of a wounded water-buffalo, sadly (more so for my co-workers than for me, maybe). But that'll go away. The stock market, well... there's not much I can do.
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