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Observations from my poll

1. Note to self: When constructing a poll, if the idea is to answer one question, don't insert an option that allows people to answer a different question. No reflection on anyone, really; my error, not anyone else's. I just wondered whether people liked reading blogs inside a blog community only, or whether they'll willingly go to different places to read one. It doesn't really matter, because ...

2. Dave points out that, in a way, I was asking about something that was "all situational and conditional—i.e., it's conditional on a situation that hasn't even happened yet, and may never." Since LJ isn't going to die this week (most likely), and I'm not moving my journal this week, and no one really thinks either thing will happen either, then what does it matter? In, say, 2011, if I move my journal then, there may be different options, or no one will be reading journals, or I'll be so famous that I'll have to hire someone to set up something like the Huffington Post and blog for me. Or... y'know. So while it was still an interesting question to my geeky mind, it probably wasn't the most useful thing to inquire about.

3. And y'all really need to be informed about Fleet Foxes. They sound very retro, almost like the Beach Boys meet the Moody Blues (sans mellotron, so far at least). Lots of reverb, lots of harmonies, catchy melodies. They don't seem to be on the radio much yet, but radio would be more interesting if they were. Some critics put their first full-length CD on their best-of lists for 2008. They're on MySpace, and they have some videos on YouTube as well; try out Winter Hymnal from their CD Fleet Foxes or Mykonos from their EP Sun Giant.



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Jan. 8th, 2009 09:54 pm (UTC)
Fleet Foxes sound a lot like early My Morning jacket (reverb, lead vocal) mixed with the song writing of The Shins.

It is a good album though. Sometimes the production similarity to MMJ is a bit much though. but, when I think that I remember that MMJ have very different songs structurally.
Jan. 10th, 2009 06:59 pm (UTC)
I've heard some MMJ on the radio here. It's not coming to my mind at the moment, but it's worth me checking out sometime. The Shins have stuck in my head a little more firmly, at least their major hit so far has.

I forgot to throw in Crosby, Stills & Nash when I described them — mostly because when I get to a certain part of FF's "Mykonos," my brain wants to go into CSN&Y's "Ohio," which is wrong but understandable (same chord in the vocals, pretty much).
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