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The baby's sash reads 2009

Happy New Year! I have noticed in the journals that I read that a popular topic now is listing New Year's Resolutions. Normally, I resolutely avoid resolutions, though I have been known to make goals or to-do lists. Semantics, all semantics. Earlier today, I encountered a quiz titled What Should You Resolve to Change Next Year? at Blogthings.com. I took the quiz and it was quite, um, depressing, so I won't post it here. Here, instead, is what I really wish to resolve:

1. I resolve to lose weight in my ankles.
2. I resolve to learn how to read and write Inuktitut, using the syllabary adapted from the Cree.
3. I resolve to complete the score for my reduction of Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde for guitar and untrained tenor.
4. I resolve to travel to Garden City, Michigan.
5. I resolve to end my addiction to squid ink.


I'm in metro Louisville, Kentucky, visiting with Dave and hoping to visit with my cousins at some point, if they'd only call me back. New Year's Eve dinner was a beef pot roast in a crock pot with potatoes and carrots; it was a fine repast. Dinner was authentic Derby Pie, and the wine was my favorite, Yellow Tail Shiraz.

After dinner we watched the film Into the Wild, and I have to say the movie hit me harder than I thought it would, given that I know how the story ultimately ends. Maybe I'll write about why, at some point. For now I'll just say it's a very fine movie, beautifully shot and with a soundtrack I want to buy on CD very soon.

After that, we tried to find a good TV broadcast of the arrival of the new year, but ... well, everything on broadcast TV was really awful, and we finally settled on CNN's coverage with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. But really, can't someone do a good New Year's Eve show? Do they all think, "What's the point? Everyone goes out anyway"? I swear, if I run across a DVD of Guy Lombardo and the Royal Canadians at the Waldorf Astoria this year, I'm gonna buy it and say the hell with TV on Dec. 31, 2009.



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Jan. 2nd, 2009 02:32 am (UTC)
I still haven't seen "Into The Wild", but I want to. I do have the soundtrack (bought it on iTunes a while back), and it's terrific. Eddie Vedder was good enough to almost cure me of my allergy to Pearl Jam....

Garden City IS quite the tourist town. Bring your camera. :-)

(Note to self - keep pens away from Charlie when serving calimari. (Now.. if THAT isn't a song line, I don't know what IS, anymore!)

Happy Gnu Year, dood!
Jan. 2nd, 2009 05:20 pm (UTC)
Happy Gnu Year to you too!
"Into the Wild" is a very well-done movie. I recommend it highly. I don't know if you know the real story behind it, but I didn't think the movie was spoiled just because I knew the ending (from years ago, when Jon Krakauer published an article in either Outside or Backpacker, which turned into his book).

Garden City isn't very far out of the way when visiting places such as Guitar Center, IKEA, or ... you. Maybe I'll visit the exciting town of Wayne while I'm out there too. Then I'll probably need a sedative so I can come down from the excitement..

You can write the song. I have faith it'll be good.
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