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Music ... in ... cyberspace!

Mike Dorn sent me a note a couple of weeks ago to mention that he has a presence on SongVault.fm. Don't let the goofy TLD throw you, because it's actually very appropriate. SongVault acts kind of like a radio station (hence the .fm) and performers submit mp3s that can be voted up in popularity till they eventually become part of the music rotation on their stream. This is good for both listeners and for performers wanting to get their music out there. Mike has two profiles, one for himself solo and one for his band, the Duck Tape Mummies.

Then last week, Tone & Niche announced on MySpace that they were using a "widget" to collect names for their e-mail list. The widget is one of many supplied by ReverbNation.com, a site with a mission to help musicians promote themselves. Not only does it supply marketing tools for performers, but it allows fans to connect with them, with songs available for streaming on profile pages. Performers can also connect with labels, management, and venues. And the site has music charts much like SongVault does. Tone & Niche's profile has five songs. It's not just for locals and newcomers—I was listening to Ellis Paul's music last night, too.

Now add in a couple of other sites I've been aware of, TuneCore (get your music on the Internet, especially on iTunes, and more) and CDBaby (sell your CDs without setting up your own e-commerce site)... I've been wondering if it's really possible to have a music career without leaving the house. It's all pretty exciting to have these tools available, because, let's face it, it could make it easier to reach an audience than relying on radio, indie coffeehouses, and the unlikelihood of getting discovered. It almost makes me think my music career shouldn't be quite so moribund.


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