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You mean, you want to know about issues???

Last night I went to dinner with a friend—I won't say where, but if you want a recommendation for a good Japanese restaurant in Farmington Hills, let me know, because it was a fine dinner. At one point, there were was us and another couple about our age nearby. The waitress, a very friendly and welcoming young Japanese-American woman, started asking about the election. She was just about to become a citizen (today, I think), so she needed information about registering and who's running and all. She seemed to be for Obama, and as all four of us were apparently avidly for Obama too, we were all trying to be very helpful.

But there's one thing we couldn't be helpful about, really. She wanted to know about issues; she wanted to read what the candidates stood for. And while some of us were telling her to go to various websites to find this out, I started thinking about how hard a job it is for anyone, let alone a new citizen, to find out the candidate's positions. I'm sure the information is out there. But how far down on Obama's or McCain's websites do you have to dig to find it? Are news outlets publicizing it? Not much, as altivo pointed out in his LJ entry today (approximately here). They used to; in the 50s and 60s (and even into the 70s) there were long newspaper articles talking not about who said what about pigs and lipstick, but what they thought about economic and social issues and what they wanted to do once in office. Y'know, information that might really be important.

It was a hard question to answer in the few minutes between the salad and the main dishes. I wish it had been much, much easier.


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