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Practically a Vacation

So what was I doing that I didn't post to LJ since last Wednesday? The circus came to town—the circus that is the Woodward Dream Cruise. (For those who missed my posts last year [1 2], the Woodward Dream Cruise is an event celebrating automobiles of the 19590s through 1970s, especially the hot souped-up ones that people took out "cruising" on major roads here.) Dave was here, and for the first time his friend Mike was here too (managed to get sent here for actual business last week, lucky skunk). So off to the corner of Woodward and Thirteen Mile Road we went to get the sudden immersion therapy on Saturday afternoon. We spent only two hours there, but with the incredibly sunny skies and warm temperatures, everyone who had a classic car was out, so we saw just about everything we needed to. The Detroit Free Press has a good photo slide show. We all got photos, but I'm feeling lazy so check out the link if you're curious.

It was fun showing metro Detroit to someone (Mike) who hasn't been here much. I'm a bit bewildered that both Mike and Dave like Detroit so much. I mean ... it's Detroit. But then they probably don't understand why I seem to like Louisville as much as I do. Actually, we probably all do understand: It's the grass-is-greener effect. It's easier to see the cool aspects of a place if you haven't been dealing with the not-so-cool aspects for forty years.

Anyway, other than the Dream Cruise, we mostly just went out to eat and hung out. Dave and I watched the movie Kinsey last night; it was quite well done with good acting. It helps to know the overall story of Dr. Kinsey's career, but that's probably not obligatory. In case you don't know, um, don't watch it with little kids.

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