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Change the First: New LJ layout! It had been a couple of years since I even looked at the options. When I was updating things related to the next item, I discovered this option -- I've seen the layout before, and thought it was nice, but hadn't seen the raven in the upper corner before. So I'm giving it a try for a while. The one possible drawback might be if my friends page "breaks" more often because of wide photos and other graphics, since the main column isn't as wide as the screen. But I might put up with that just for the aesthetics of the layout.

Change the Second: Still investigating the glitch with the URL for charliemonterey.com (see previous entry), but I'm afraid it's a problem I'm not going to be able to fix without some big change. Here's the long background: The site is hosted on Geocities with their free (ad-supported) package, as it has been since 1995; my domain registrar is GoDaddy.com. When I checked the necessary settings on Geocities this week, they had different domain name servers than I had in GoDaddy, so I updated GoDaddy's control panel. This has not worked yet; Yahoo says things can take up to 72 hours to update, which seems long but if that's what they say, that's what they say.

But there's another possible explanation, and it's something I can't get directly answered from Yahoo Geocities' help screens. I have found this paragraph at the bottom of their promotional pages for the free web host package:
The GeoCities Free package comes with a "geocities.com/your-Yahoo!-ID" web adress. If you would like to get (or transfer) your own domain name, such as "your-name.com," check out the GeoCities Pro web site package.
While it does not out-and-out say "And you people with free sites can just go hang with your domain name," I fear that's what the underlying problem is: Sometime recently, Geocities changed their policy, and now you have to pay for their Pro package ($8.95/month) to get the privilege of forwarding your own domain name. I want to confirm this somehow, though Yahoo is damnably bad at tech support and I'm not confident I'll get an answer.

For now, I have updated the charliemonterey.com links so that they will work, as geocities.com/woodenmusic is still valid and active. (Guess I need to go update MySpace too, huh.) In the not-so-long run, I'm likely going to move my music site from Geocities to somewhere yet to be determined. It might be a paid site, but not Geocities, as I can get good features at many other hosts for much less than they're charging. Or it might be my ISP's web space. A cost-benefit analysis is coming up, I suppose.

Anyway, for the very few people who would've tried to go to charliemonterey.com recently, sorry about the inconvenience.



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Aug. 1st, 2008 04:12 pm (UTC)
I like the birdie.

I read that GeoCities paragraph as meaning "we'll host your DNS for you if you buy a Pro package". I'm not actually sure if they could block something from redirecting to your free page; I thought that was handled by your registrar.

No expert, though, I just work as a web person... um.
Aug. 1st, 2008 06:02 pm (UTC)
Hm... so if I could use someone else's DNS, like GoDaddy's, then it might work? I've been using Yahoo's and they can probably restrict who uses them pretty easily. I would think that I could use GoDaddy's DNS because I pay them money already.

I think the birdie is more like a crow, but the design is called "raven". *shrug* Either way, thanks. :)
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