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From another country

A few days ago, I mentioned that singer/songwriter Richard Shindell has a blog. At the time I referred to it because of an article he had about how he's trying to make a living these days with music. That was just one entry. The other ones that he's posted so far are about Argentina, where he currently lives. He's from New Jersey, his wife is from Argentina (I think he's said that in concert), and so they're in Buenos Aires these days. This is part of why I go see his concerts every time he comes to the Ark in Ann Arbor these days; it's a long way from BA to AA.

Apparently Argentina may be coming apart at the seams. There's a dispute going on between the president and her deputies on one side, and the agriculture industry on the other. The non-music posts on Shindell's blog describe what's going on. He seems to be on the side of the farmers, who have also picked up significant support from the truckers and other workers. Regardless of which side is "right," tensions seem to be escalating and no one is really negotiating. Argentina has had some rough times in the last few decades economically, and at the moment things seem to be swinging back to rough again.

Of course, I haven't seen anything in the U.S. media about this. Dave found an article in the New York Times about it, Conflict With Farmers Takes Toll on Argentina (published June 24, 2008), but he notes that "only a thorough reading of the back sections of the NYT uncovers this sort of coverage."



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Just wanted to say
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