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Working at home again today. This time it's because my house has sprung a leak, and I'm waiting for a plumber. Technically, I think it's just a hose between the hot water tank and a defunct humidifier that has come apart. It's in the crawl space, which I probably couldn't go into even if I was a somewhat smaller person due to claustrophobia-like issues. Anyway, so I have my work laptop hooked up, and I'm in front of an open window again, and Richard Shindell is singing cover tunes on my mini stereo. Life is as good as it gets when waiting for a plumber.

Speaking of Mr. Shindell, the blurb on his home page (or the second one, after the entry page) is interesting these days. He's on his own, label-wise, these days. I don't think it's necessarily because he had problems with his old label, Signature Sounds, though I can't say anything because I've heard nothing. It's just the way things seem to be going these days—an artist is just as well advised to take matters into his own hands as far as the business stuff goes, especially one who's not a Multi-Mega-Superstar(tm). He has a blog entry on the subject. (Yes, I was surprised to learn he has a blog on Blogspot, too.) He mentions "busking" a lot in it. I have to read it more closely, but it appears he's talking about a new way to work for musicians. Or maybe not a new way to work, but a new acceptance of that way. That's probably worth an LJ post of its own, so if you think I'm not saying enough about it here, it's just because I'm supposed to be typesetting books (i.e. "composing," which is where "compositer" came from in the subject). Watch this space.


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