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We Win! (a.k.a my obligatory hockey post)

OK, "we" didn't win. Three million Metro Detroiters did not lace up their skates and play hockey tonight. Still, there are a lot of happy faces tonight after Detroit's Red Wings won the National Hockey League championship tonight. Yes, Stanley gets to come stay with us for the fourth time in the last eleven years.

It was a rough game tonight; for a good long time it seemed as if the main point was to run into other players. I didn't like that so much. But I forgot that after the game was over and the Stanley Cup was presented. Not only is it a grand looking trophy, but they let each player skate around with it. Then the coaches get to hold it, and then management and even the team owners (they don't skate, but they do get to be with it). Finally they set the cup down on the ice and the team crowds around it for photographers, a big pile of players around their prize. I don't think any other sport lets the team do such an elaborate celebration with the trophy, and it's all on center ice.

So instead of a city full of tired cranky people, like we had on Tuesday morning when we lost in three overtime periods, tomorrow there will be a city full of tired happy people. Assuming we don't make national headlines for inappropriate celebrations like burning police cars, that is. (No, I can't forget what happened in 1984 after the Tigers won the baseball World Series.) It isn't going to fix anything that's wrong with Detroit or Michigan, but at least we have a little bit of joy to distract ourselves for a short while.


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