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The three new Rs

I reduced the amount of clutter in my house, freeing up storage space I can reuse, by taking old computer and stereo equipment to be recycled. The Best Buy near me worked with Great Lakes Electronics Recycling for an Earth Day related event to collect old electronic equipment today from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. free of charge. (link to flyer for event) They got from me two desktop computers, one laptop, one monitor, two scanners, and a box of miscellaneous peripherals, along with two dead cassette decks.

I got there around 2:45, and there were ... what, boatloads? Metric fuck-tons? A ginormous amount? Lots of electronic junk in the parking lot. I know why they were going to close at 4: so they could spend the rest of the daylight hours dealing with the stuff. It was amazing, and you know a lot of this stuff cost hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars when it was new. Then it got superseded by something shinier and eventually you get Mount Junk in a parking lot.

The recycling firm has a well-defined method for dealing with the electronics. They use shredders on the hard discs and other storage media to ensure the data thereon doesn't fall into the wrong (or any) hands. Everything else is separated and handled in a safe way. Well, I assume it is; I didn't stay to watch that part, but GLE's website says it is.

Best Buy probably wanted us to drop off our old stuff and then go into the store to buy new stuff, but I didn't have time today. But this did add to their goodwill in my eyes.


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