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Movie reviews that don't bite

Announcing the arrival of Videohound Golden Movie Retriever to the web! The big book o' movies on video moves from paper to electrons this month. You can see all the reviews, stars and other personnel, and other features that make Videohound what it is. Added to the Web version is the ability for people to join in the fun, in that funky Web 2.0 way we all seem to like.

I'm not just an employee of the publisher of Videohound*. I'm also a fan. This has always been one of my favorite books Gale has published. It's fun to read, and it's good reference too, and you can't say that about everything out there. The reviews are sometimes affectionate, sometimes snarky, sometimes hip, and always informative. I have two copies, and it has been known to happen in my house that both copies are in use at the same time (right, Dave?).

Plus, it has a dog. A dog! It must be good. Arf!

So the next time you need movie info, especially DVD info, and you have the Internet handy, point your browser to http://www.movieretriever.com/ . And give the nice doggie a skritch, huh?

* And yes, management encouraged us to engage in some "viral marketing" about this. But I wouldn't have if it wasn't so cool. I mean, really, have I ever talked about anything work-related before? This must be cool.

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