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Evil Gift Cards

Gift cards are insidious. Until this time yesterday, I had one Amazon.com gift certificate (last year's Christmas gift from work), and gift cards from Best Buy and Borders (this year's birthday). I've spent the Amazon and Best Buy cards, and then some. I'm just glad each one was only $25, because if they were any larger and I had doubled up on them, I'd be eating macaroni & cheese for a month, and no, not Kraft brand.

Consumer experts spent a lot of time before Christmas warning of that phenomenon, how most everyone spends more than the gift card. They also talked about the phenomenon of forgetting about the gift card until maintenance fees eat up the gift, but I'm in no danger of letting THAT happen. Though the only reason I still have a Borders gift card is that Best Buy gave me a headache. What an overstimulating store that one is.

Anyway, so far I have four DVDs and a book of poetry coming from Amazon, and two new CDs, printer ink, and photo paper from Best Buy (which are already here, as I just brought them home from the store). The media are:
  • Continental Divide (1981, John Belushi, Blair Brown, and eagles)
  • Smoke Signals (1998, Adam Beach, Evan Adams, with Sherman Alexie writing the screenplay)
  • Powwow Highway (1989; A Martinez, Gary Farmer, and a jalopy called War Pony)
  • Skins (2002; Eric Schweig, Graham Greene, directed by Chris Eyre who also did Smoke Signals)
  • Saving Daylight by Jim Harrison (2007)
  • Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings, Counting Crows (2008)
  • Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, Foo Fighters (2007)
And that's on top of the birthday DVDs, Beowulf, Into the Wild, and Stardust. The only other thing I really wish for now is a new media storage unit.

In case anyone asks, I'm busy stimulating the economy.

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