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The end of the adventure

Car's back. You know that terribly ill-advised tax rebate we're getting?* Well, I know where mine is going now. Hint: It's small, plastic, and has a sixteen-digit number.

Turned out that the only electrical thing wrong was the battery. But they discovered two maintenance-type things that I'd been putting off, plus it was time for an oil change and tire rotation, and the burned-out headlamp and taillight... it all added up. But at least it works.

And how did I go get the car, you ask? (I know someone did. Anyone? Bueller?) I took the bus. Detroit's bus systems (yes, two) aren't all that great, but I picked a good time and it worked smoothly. I even had to transfer buses. I know, hardcore. Back when I started working, I took the bus to work. I lived on one of the major bus routes, and the office was in downtown Detroit, so it made perfect sense. That went on for 12 years. Then I bought a house that was on a peripheral route, and then work moved to another location at the far end of a different peripheral route. Now I'd have to take three buses to get there, or maybe two with a half-hour wait in between. Not exactly convenient. I don't even know if it would work. I wish it did.

I guess this weekend was an experiment on how to live without a car in Detroit. Oddly enough, the one thing I didn't do was get a ride from anyone. If I needed groceries, I might've needed someone to drive me. Or if I knew someone who was going to the Michael Smith concert on Saturday, I could have gotten a ride with him/her. Of course, that's the thing: I didn't do a lot, just what I could walk to. If I had my own concert to give, or if my mom needed to go somewhere, it wouldn't have worked. So I guess it's good to know how it would work out being car-less, but I hope it doesn't come to that, because metro Detroit is not kind to those without cars.

* Just ask me, I'll tell you how dumb it is giving everyone tax rebates when the nation's deficit is already at its highest levels ever. Although you might want to ask an economist instead. And it's not like I won't spend the thing, is it....



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Mar. 18th, 2008 05:33 pm (UTC)
Believe it or not, we now have Republicans doing the old Democrat thing: Keynesian economics, with the Democrats now (rightly) complaining! The idea is this higher budget deficit (in the form of the tax rebates) will fuel overall spending and thus "fight a recession. It does no such thing -- witness years of deficits under democrats, and now years of deficits under Republicans. (See, I'm not partisan: I don't like ANY of 'em.) Yet, like you, I'm taking my money and running.

Dandelion wine, eh? Pass me the bottle... I hear it tastes like water.

Ott Lake Rambler
Mar. 18th, 2008 05:46 pm (UTC)
Finally, a non-partisan effort! I knew there had to be one somewhere in America.

My original plan was to put the money in the bank--saving, not spending. And, as it turns out, I'll be saving anyway, just by sending money to the credit card company to pay for what I already spent. Still, I know they wanted me to go buy a shiny new thing. Well, screw 'em. I can't deficit spend like politicians can.

(Ah, but soon you'll find / it's not water it's dandelion wine...)
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