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Follow the bouncing Songdog

In case anyone's wondering where I've been (as in, why no LJ posts lately), it's just the usual holiday season madness that's taking up my time. I'm never as organized as I want to be, and this year is as bad as most. Although I did manage to get Christmas cards out... yay me! First time in about five years, I think. But otherwise, I'm still buying stuff and cleaning house and trying to figure out how to cook dinner on Christmas day for the family... and still waiting for the Christmas spirit or whatever to fill me. I suspect that if there is "spirit," it's waiting until I sit still long enough or something, and then it will quietly reveal itself to me, maybe.

At least I'm off work for the rest of the year, although I had to bring my laptop home just in case something needs doing suddenly. But anything like that can be done remotely, which is a very nice thing.

I've been meaning to write about Tuesday's open mic night at AJ's Cafe, because it was kind of magic, in a way, at least for me. I started my set off with the parody of John Denver's "Sunshine on My Shoulder" that I wrote last week, "E-mail in My Inbox," because a couple of friends were there who missed it the first time. Then — working without a set list, as is my wont — I pulled "The Christmas Song," the old Mel Tormé chestnut, out of my hat, for the first time in exactly 52 weeks. Somehow all the seventh-flatted-ninth chords* came out OK. Then I finished it up with the Dan Fogelberg song I've known the longest, "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler," as a memorial to him. Hearing everyone singing along was most gratifying to me, indeed. (It helps that it's a very sing-alongable song. If that's a word.)

It was a fine open mic in other ways... Leslie Frederick came down from up north and played, jjfmi was the consummate host as usual, and several other friends played enjoyable sets.

Saturday night (as in approximately 20 hours from now), Trixie's Coffee is having an open mic, because they won't be open on their usual open mic night. I'm gonna go because I need something this weekend besides holiday craziness.

*I'm not sure exactly what the names of the chords are, anymore, but they're a lot more jazzy than I'm used to so they usually require at least a rehearsal or two.


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