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R.E.M. good, homophobic ministers bad

Another one from Yahoo! Picks, but it's R.E.M. related so it's cool: Pop Songs 07, subtitled "I'll write about every R.E.M. song, eventually." Looks pretty good so far, although some posts will likely be controversial — the author freely says which R.E.M. songs suck, in his opinion. Me, I think they've never done any wrong (except for collaborating with I.R.S. on the remixes of the "And I Feel Fine" collection, which I've mentioned before). I'm wondering what the creator of the site will do once all the songs are documented sometime next year.

Today's spit-take in anger is Pastor in Microsoft 'gay rights' share bid — a former football player turned minister is threatening a shareholder takeover of Microsoft because they support "the gay agenda."* So, just in case you woke up a little more optimistic than usual, thinking that evil and stupidity in the world somehow declined overnight, there's your comeuppance. Sorry. (Link borrowed from kobold, the creative genius behind Something Positive and a few other web comics.)

Hm, maybe I should put these in two different posts, since they're so different... nah. As infrequently as I've been posting, two posts in one day would only confuse everyone.

*If anyone has a extra copy of "The Gay Agenda," please send one to me. I'm probably forgetting what all of the action items are.



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(Deleted comment)
Nov. 20th, 2007 04:51 pm (UTC)
No, there are only millions upon millions of dollars being poured into getting homosexuals to buy stuff. Meanwhile there are 500 Fortune 500 companies pouring billions into getting other people to buy stuff. The only agenda here is "get them (whoever "them" is) to buy stuff." Believe me, if millions upon millions were being poured into "the homosexual agenda," things would be a lot more fabulous than they are now.

OK, that's overly cynical. I believe that some companies, like Microsoft, are trying to be inclusive and open, and of course this is good. The usual target of accusations like the reverend's are the beer companies, but most of their millions goes toward advertising at gay events — that's really more trying to sell product than support an agenda.
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