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American Public Radio's Marketplace has been running a series documenting the Recording Industry Association of America's lawsuit campaign against alleged illegal downloaders of music. There's no real breaking news, but what they have is bad enough. On Monday they profiled a woman whose 7-year-old daughter was accused of downloading ghetto rap music. It turns out the RIAA matched them up incorrectly with a much-older young man (in his 20s) whose ISP information matched up better with the RIAA's sources, but it still took much legal work to get the RIAA off the mother's back. She's now trying to get class-action status for her countersuit against the RIAA. The Monday installment (summarized above) is at No pause in music industry's tough play and Tuesday's is Free? Illegal? ... What's the difference? -- I'll add today's installment here when it's posted.
Edited to add (9/21/07): Music biz's future rests on key changes is Wednesday's installment.
I have such a bad feeling about the RIAA and its constituents now, I've been considering a boycott. It's not totally out of the question, because I am a big fan of local and small-time musicians who self-release CDs or are on really independent labels. I don't want to support an outfit that acts worse than the phone company. But ... the local/Canadian component of my collection is still small compared to the RIAA-produced stuff, which I have because I like it and it inspires me. The damage is done; they already have my money. Still, if any big-name musicians are reading this, it would do my soul a lot of good for one or two of you to publicly and loudly repudiate the RIAA bastards.

In somewhat lighter news:

The Houston Symphony is producing trading cards featuring 33 of its players. Collect them all! (http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/life/5126992.html, Sept. 9, 2007)
-- The DSO needs to do this. I want an Emmanuelle Boisvert card.

"Branding Jean Sibelius: Composer’s heirs register trademark to prevent tacky exploitation"
(published Sept. 7, 2007)
-- so if you want a Sibelius action figure, you're gonna have to buy it from one of his heirs, buster.



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Sep. 19th, 2007 11:16 pm (UTC)

*opens trenchoat"

"You want a Sibelius bobblehead? I got 'em with turtlenecks or tuxedos. Genuine authentic merchandise."
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