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Liberated Books

Last Saturday night, Trixie's Coffee had an event for a local organization called Liberated Books. Their aim is pretty much to find homes for books that are no longer wanted by their current owners. The "liberated" part is that they are "liberated" of price tags -- that's right, free. They do accept donations to keep things running, but the books themselves are free. Now, I know most book fans will willingly part with money (food, other valuables, even friends) to get books, but it is nice to get them for free, too.

They brought a selection of books to Trixie's. I went to look, skeptical of what I would find. One thing I've learned from my day job is, there are an awful lot of books in the world, and some of them are, well, they're like a kid with a face only a mother could love, y'know? So I didn't expect to find much. But I hit the jackpot twice:
  • a hardcover copy of Skins by Adrian C. Louis -- fiction set on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota; it had a quote on the back by Sherman Alexie, which is what jogged my memory that the book was made into a movie, directed by the director of Smoke Signals, which I've been wanting to see for years. I read two chapters there and it's a good read so far.
  • A portfolio of prints of the works from the exhibit The Art of the American Indian Frontier, which came to the Detroit Institute of Arts in 1995 or 1996; it's drawn from one of the best collections of American Indian artifacts and crafts, the Chandler-Pohrt Collection. The exhibit was easily the most moving one I've ever seen; it's something I don't really have the words to explain, but it... well, it was important in a lot of ways. So running into the portfolio was too cool for words.
I also picked up a paperback called something like "1001 Good Jokes," just for a giggle.

Liberated Books operates out of a garage near Mt. Clemens. They have a monthly open house, where you can go to give and take books. They also hold other events, like the one at Trixie's. For metro Detroiters who think books are cool in anyway, you might want to check this out.



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May. 24th, 2007 09:17 pm (UTC)
Man...I wish I would have known this the other day. We just dropped 6 large boxes of books off at the library.
May. 25th, 2007 06:59 pm (UTC)
Then you have room to go get more books from them to replace what you gave to the library! :)
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