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Watch the birdie

Over the weekend, I read about how altivo, vaneramos, and ursulav had fun seeing new birds. Now I want to go out looking for birds too. I used to go birding a lot when I was younger, and managed to get my "life list" up to just over 200 species—which, like many of my collections (my CDs and books, for example), is a lot for a normal person but pitiful compared to someone who's serious. <shrug> What can I say? It gives me room to grow.

I didn't get much chance to take the binoculars out this weekend, though. My family was celebrating my mom's birthday, so I spent most of the time with her shopping, eating, and hanging out. She got me started on birding back in nineteen hundred and seventy-two (back when I still had my juvenile plumage—that's an inside joke), but she's now at the point where seeing and hearing birds is more difficult than enjoyable, unfortunately.

I bought Mom the cute, warm, fuzzy gift of computer memory, because for some strange reason when Mom bought her computer three years ago, Dell thought 128 megabytes was enough RAM for WindowsXP. That oversight is now rectified. And to make up for the fact that she can no longer see the computer chips, I bought her a huge pot of flowers. Which leaves me with no idea what to buy for Mother's Day this weekend....

Anyway, back to the grind that is the workweek. I left my binoculars in the car, so maybe when I need a break I'll go get them and try to identify the swallows that swirl around the parking lot here. They're not barn swallows, but they zip around in that swallow way, so they'd be fun to watch. More fun than a computer screen, even.

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