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Odds and sods

I'm changing my e-mail address with e-commerce outfits -- y'know, credit cards, utilities, Amazon, places like that. I'm noticing that a lot of them are implementing enhanced security measures like three personal questions only the user would know and a security image with a special phrase that matches it. Three of my accounts are using the exact same software, apparently, because the questions are the same and, I think, so are the images. Imagination is apparently on life support, if not dead. It's an annoyance because all I'm doing is changing an e-mail address. I suppose they don't know that I'm not going to clean out the accounts or stuff like that, though. I think the main effect of this is just that I'm going to be paranoid that I'll forget one of the answers and won't be able to check my credit union balances.


At work today, there was a division-wide meeting to unveil a new vision statement. Whatever happened to mottoes? Anyway, to reinforce the vision statement they gave out round etched-glass desk ornaments. My boss, bless her heart, came back after the event and asked "Why did they give us paperweights when we're supposed to be an electronic publisher?" I certainly don't have the answer to that. I didn't even recognize it as a paperweight, though of course it is.


The visuals of that freeway crash and burn yesterday in the San Francisco Bay Area were pretty stunning. They showed video of the fire on our 11 p.m. Sunday news, because, frankly, a burning freeway beats just about anything that happens in Detroit on the weekends.

And in case you somehow missed it, KNBC Channel 4 in Los Angeles had the cutest photo of Knut, the orphaned German polar bear cub. I mean, cutest EVER. I think I needed treatment for sugar overdose.



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May. 1st, 2007 02:50 am (UTC)
1) Be glad they added any kind of security at all and they likely scammed the code from open source. You know. The only safe place to get your software since corporate agenda hasn't tainted performance with all sorts of measures to conceal the softwares true purpose. Very very unlike Microsoft and that hell spawn Vista!

2) Paper is hear to stay. LTU went paperless and doubled it's computer paper consumption. Just be glad they gave you a weighty item instead of making you sit through a long weighty mission statement.

3) I bet the person who caused the crash was from LA. Have you ever ridden in a car driven by someone from LA? They make Michigan drivers nervous.

3.5) Go Adopt that bear before you give yourself a complex.

He he he... Isn't life grand? Now if only Ranma 1/2 will download instead of select episodes I can get on with my Anime binging. Still have another few days for Blood + so I guess it's Doki Doki School Hours till something better downloads.. Another Contastic evening home alone..

Later dude!
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