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Talent night down at the cafe

I went to the Trixie's open mic, sans guitar -- just wanted to watch. (I played last week; usually there are lots of players, so I figure I don't have to play every time I go.) In between performers, I worked on a set of lyrics for a new song. Now I just need to find a tune to go with it.

Here's the problem with open mic: You see a bunch of buddies there. It would be really cool to chat with them as it's relatively rare to see them otherwise. But there's someone else on stage playing, and they deserve an attentive audience. Then the buddies get on stage, and you can't talk to them then. You can heckle them, but you do want them to stay buddies, after all. And then you might be on stage, and ... well, the whole point is, you hardly get to talk with your buddies at all. I always wanted an open mic with either an intermission or an ending time about one hour before the venue closes. That way we could have visiting time. Oh, we used to stand out in the parking lot after the place closed, but that gets cold in January. Maybe I should just try to hang out with them at other times besides open mics.

But not this weekend. Most of them are playing in the Hamtramck Blowout, a big music festival in the bars of the home of the pacszki.


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