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New toy shopping

I went to Guitar Center yesterday — I know, evil corporate store, but they're open Sundays — and played one of these: a Limited Edition Blackwood by Parkwood Guitars (here are technical specs). It was way prettier in the store than in the photos on the website. Maybe it's the lighting in the acoustic guitar room at GC. But it also sounded great, nice and warm, and was easy to play. There's no pick-up in it, so to me it's kind of a "special occasion" guitar. But if I could afford such a thing, I'd want one. Guitar Center's price was much less than the list price Parkwood's website gives. Still four digits, though.

I also played a scruffy 40-year-old Gibson acoustic — had scratches in the body, and the bridge was lifting off the face — but it sounded great too. I don't remember the model number; if I did, I'd be able to find out what it would be worth if it wasn't all banged up. As is, it had a price tag of just over $1,000.

Hey, if you're not really buying, you can play any guitar you want, huh? The scruffy Gibson led me to a new Gibson (sounded a lot like the scruffy one), which led to the Parkwood, which led to a Taylor (way too stiff and bright; I still think you have to spend too much to get a good Taylor), and finally to a Martin like mine for comparison.

I was also really tempted by several keyboards — digital pianos and synthesizers. There was a potential customer there auditioning digital pianos. He was playing real pieces, not just dinking around like I was, but they weren't a genre I couldn't grasp, so I quietly dinked around in the same keys he was playing in. By the time I stopped and wandered away, I was very much in touch with memories of playing the piano when I was a lot younger. I was never any good, as I never had lessons or regular access, but I could get around the keyboard some and I could spend an hour just lost in sound. I miss that.

I need a new toy. I saw lots of them yesterday, and I should be getting a nice income tax refund again this year. But I also need a new couch. And there is a credit card to pay off. So we'll see what happens, if anything.



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Jan. 29th, 2007 06:25 pm (UTC)
That looks like a beautiful guitar!

I agree about taylors. I played one, some sort of jumbo model, and it was awesome, but it cost like $3700, which seemed like a lot for a 'big company' guitar you know?

Gibsons can be really nice, though the old ones always seem to have that bridge issue, at least the ones I've seen in Guitar Satan.

I played a bunch of Rickenbacker acoustics this summer and they were awesome, though sadly they are not making them anymore. The necks were like a rickenbacker so they wouldn't be for everybody. The 12 strings though, I was able to easily play 10th fret barre chords with no hassle and I was almost able to do a 12 fret barre chord!

New toys are so cool.

Right now I am having the neck profile changed on my ricky 12, to be more like a 60's one. I should have pics and stuff when it's done. I just want it done NOW you know?
Jan. 29th, 2007 07:53 pm (UTC)
I think the break point with Taylors is around $2400. Spend less than that, and it's nothing special -- may as well buy a Takamine or something in the $500-$1000 price range, instead of mid-$1000. But the Taylors over $2400 are sweet, but expensive. I think the one I played was priced under $2000.

If old Gibsons have the bridge problem, I wonder if new ones do too, or did Gibson fix the issue eventually? That would be good to know before investing in one.

Rick made acoustics? And then they stopped? Dang. I missed it. If they were good like the electrics and basses, it would be interesting to see 'em.

Looking for the photos of your made-over Rick. What's the difference between the 60's profile and today's?
Jan. 29th, 2007 10:49 pm (UTC)
The rick acoustics were interesting, they were unique like the electrics are.

The 60's neck had a more extreme radius, so basically the fretboard was more curved. The modern ones are more flat. When I was playing a bunch side by side, I was noticing that the 60's style necks were much easier to play.

Jan. 29th, 2007 11:17 pm (UTC)
Just noticed I said "Looking for the photos of your made-over Rick" instead of "Looking forward to the photos..." Duh. :)

More curved, huh... interesting.
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