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I ran across this article in Yahoo's news feeds: All hail Sweden's Nomads, classic rockers. The title alone was interesting enough. But then I noticed the byline: Steven Van Zandt. Y'know, Little Steven from the E Street Band? And host of Little Steven's Underground Garage on the radio? Didn't know the wire services were picking him up. Thing is, the Reuters version seems kind of truncated. It reads as if there are supposed to be songs inserted, especially the part about the Nomads, such as, say, exactly what song of theirs is the coolest song of the week?

But I had to laugh, then cry about this quote:

Elsewhere, Bob Dylan's chart-topping "Modern Times" was one of the few classic rock albums to go gold last year, and should have been a lock for the album of the year Grammy.

And it wasn't even nominated.

So that makes it unanimous: Anybody doing great business live is officially banished from the mainstream music business forever.

See, I've been thinking that if a smart bomb was dropped on certain buildings in Los Angeles and Nashville, the only ones mourning would be the families of the suddenly vaporized music industry executives, those wonderfully insightful souls whose idea of music for the masses includes only those under the age of twenty-six. Then we might actually get to turn on the radio and hear some of the great music being made by people with a little experience and music skills under their belts.

Anyway, anyone know where I would find any missing pieces of that article? Or should I be listening to the radio show (in Detroit, on Sunday nights on WCSX-FM at around 8 p.m.)?


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