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Still here... somewhere

I keep looking at LJ and thinking I should update but then can't really come up with anything good to say. It's been kind of a rough holiday season for me. A large part of that was the weather -- it's been largely overcast and drizzly for the last week or so, and warmer than usual. If it wasn't for the sunny day we had on Christmas Eve, I probably would've ended up canceling the big family do at my house on Christmas. (S.A.D. often? Yes, I can be.) That would've been sad, because I had a good time with my family and we had a fine dinner, if I may say so myself. The fun part was watching my great-niece Sophia open presents; she'd rip off some paper, and then try to eat the paper, as most infants will do. My favorite gifts were those that I would treat a similar way: Mom and my sister each made me a basket of baked goods. Only thing is, I won't be eating the paper.

I'm going to visit Dave tomorrow, coming back on New Year's Day. They don't have snow down there in southern Indiana, either. It's just as well now, I guess, although I'm sure some snow will come eventually. I probably won't be posting much till I'm back. Here's wishing everyone a happy New Year!



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Dec. 27th, 2006 03:38 pm (UTC)
You and Wolf give me a call on my cel phone, and let's grab dinner when you're down this way. I'm off this week - so finally, the first week in a while that I am not working overtime! I'm getting over the annual Christmas Cold - aka "the Bah Hum Bug", and working on the house.
Dec. 30th, 2006 06:49 pm (UTC)
We had a good time at lunch with you yesterday -- Glad you had the time available. Wolf and I hung out in the yard for at least a half-hour after you left because it was so nice out (sunny, temp. around 60°F for those who weren't there).
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