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I'm happy to say that at my show on Friday, August 4th at Trixie's Coffee that I'll be sharing the stage with Mike Dorn. We could call it the Shaggy Music Festival, but I think we should pass on that. More info soon.

We've had lots of rain here the past two days, and the humidity stays high when it's not raining. What's worse is, the forecast high for Friday through Wednesday is in the 90 to 95 degree range. Someone, please, make it stop!

Sports news: A question popped into my mind today that I didn't expect to be contemplating this summer: Can the Detroit Tigers make it to the World Series? They still have the best won-loss record in all of major league baseball. I have to say that the Tigers are really fun to watch this year because they always seem to be able to make plays and score runs, even if they don't win. Y'know, if you like that sort of thing.

Hm... entertainment, weather, and sports... that's almost a regular newscast on TV, isn't it? But I'm not going into news, because it just makes me very angry these days.


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Jul. 28th, 2006 04:42 am (UTC)
Ooh! I'll see if my old man wants to come see the show!
Jul. 28th, 2006 05:05 am (UTC)
Hope he does! Or even play in it.
Jul. 28th, 2006 05:07 am (UTC)
I *think* we're free that night. Ever since we moved out here to the middle of nowhere we've been busy...Odd how that works out.
Jul. 28th, 2006 05:15 am (UTC)
It's all that extra time you spend driving to get groceries and run errands, way out in the sticks. :)

(No, actually, I know it's getting plenty built up out there -- there's probably a Wal-Mart out there now.)
Jul. 28th, 2006 05:17 am (UTC)
Don't talk of such things! The closest one is on Hall Road I think. We are getting a Tim Hortons though. Bonus.
Jul. 28th, 2006 05:27 am (UTC)
Tim Hortons? Mmmm donuts.
Between Tim's and IGA and Quality Farm & Fleet*, you don't need much more.

(* or is it Tractor Supply Co.? I forget. It's been a while since I've been out there.)
Jul. 28th, 2006 05:29 am (UTC)
Actually it's Krogers and now it's Quality Farm and Home, whatever the hell that is. And we have Kmart!
Jul. 28th, 2006 03:09 pm (UTC)
Well, Kmart, then you're all set.

Quality Farm & Home was a pretty good store for outdoor maintenance stuff like lawnmowers and such, at least way back when I was out there (1980s, I guess).

No more IGA... I think I remember that it wasn't there anymore, now.
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