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Post Open Mic Blues

I went to an open mic at Xhedos Cafe in Ferndale for the first time since mid-March last night. It was the return of the Wednesday open mic, with a new host. Wednesdays in Ferndale have been a regular thing for me since 1994 at Gotham City Cafe, except for the last few months. It went pretty well, I guess; I played first, then played a couple of songs with jjfmi at the very end. There were some interesting things, like the guy who attempted to do Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" on the guitar and came amazingly close, considering, till he forgot how the end went. There were some good performances and an appreciative audience. And some friends came up to either play or hang out. We even hung out in the parking lot afterward—it was a very nice night weather-wise.

I dunno, though... I'm not ready to get back on the every-Wednesday-at-Xhedos treadmill. I'd be better off using those four hours working on music in the privacy of my home—maybe I'd write new songs or learn new tricks. Except for the hanging out with friends part; I do miss that.

There's also the notion I have that the venue isn't a terribly good place to play these days. The open mics or weekend shows are barely promoted, so you never know what's going on. The sound system is getting rickety, the space is too loud and the lighting too dark. They were even out of decaf for the longest time, though I see that has been rectified. Even if Xhedos was Orchestra Hall, one can't go only there and expect anything to happen as far as career growth. I want to go to other open mics in different places and play for more people. Or maybe, y'know, get actual gigs. I used to do that, if I remember right.

It was nice to see folks last night and be in a familiar environment, though.


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