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Long Weekend Report

The trip to Louisville with my mom and sister went very well. Fun was had, as well as lots of food. As I told Wolf, we hit the perfecta -- American home-style buffet dinners at both Ryan's Steakhouse and Golden Corral. Wolf could only sadly shake his head. No, we didn't get to El Caporal this time, or anything Chinese. Wah. The food at Golden Corral was really good, though, easily ten points higher than Ryan's. And hey, we didn't go for the food, anyway.

We spent most of the day Sunday with my cousins and had a great time. We mostly chatted about stuff, though I could've done without the political conversations about how "we should just do so-and-so" to immigrants and unions and all the other problems with American society. Yes, sadly, I'm the only liberal/progressive in the whole bunch. Which is almost funny because they don't make enough money to be conservatives. But discussions of alcoholic ancestors were much diminished this time, which was a good thing. And we got caught up on what the rest of the family was up to.

It was a good time. Way too hot, though, and it's hot enough here now (89°F/32°C as of 3 p.m.) that I'm seriously thinking about finally buying a window-mounted air conditioner. I have a feeling it's going to be a hot summer here.

I took mostly family photos over the weekend, so to protect the innocent I won't post those. I did get some photos of roses my cousins gave my mom, and I'll post one of those later, along with one of my newly shortened beard - no, hellmutt, I didn't forget, just ran out of time before the trip.


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