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Web mystery solved

I have several websites. Too many, really. One of them is attached to my main e-mail account, and has only a few pages. It's not really meant to attract attention. The biggest attraction is my list of DVDs and videos, in case my friends want to have a movie night and think I can contribute something. (Ha. I have a puny collection. But anyway.) Most of the other pages are just links pages for my use.

One of them gets a lot of hits, though. There's just enough site traffic reporting available from my ISP that I can tell my page of radio links gets in the neighborhood of 180 hits per month, regularly. That's actually more than any page on any of my sites—more than charliemonterey.com, more than even "that one page" on my personal site*, even.

I've tried Google's feature for searching for links to pages, but never came up with anything. Tonight I tried Yahoo's feature, and found the reason for the high numbers: My humble little radio page is linked to by some e-commerce sites that specialize in radio. The traffic on my site is from either their robots confirming the link or ... actual web visitors.

Wow. Boy, they must be disappointed. I'm not trying to be comprehensive in any way. Right at the top, I tell people to go to Michiguide.com, because it's way better if you want actual info. My page only lists stations I like, basically. Well, it also has a rant about how bad radio is compared to how it was when I was a kid. I'm sure the radio industry wants everyone to read more of THAT sort of thing.

Anyway... I'm sure you're all enlightened and amazed by this. Not. It mostly just impresses me. It also makes me think that maybe I could do something better with it design wise. If only I could win the time lotto.

* The one with all the skin, and skins. Which is actually linked to in my user info, so I don't know why I'm suddenly shy about it.


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