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New Adventures in Hi-Fi

This week's CDs came from Hot Hits in Roseville, Michigan. I wouldn't have blamed the guy at the counter if he blinked at the selection, because I don't know if I could've found two more disparate CDs. They were both used, but I think both would've been worth full price, now that I've listened to them.
Great Big Sea, Turn (1999)
Great Big Sea (from St. Johns, Newfoundland) takes the Celtic-based music of the Canadian east coast and make it rock, all with traditional acoustic instruments. It's impossible to be unhappy while listening to them; they're great to bop in your seat to. This album features the song "Consequence Free," which I remember being played on the Windsor light rock station a few years ago. The CD includes about half original songs and half traditionals arranged by the band. The album preceding this was (I think) their breakthrough album, so I'll have to look for that, for sure.
Dead Can Dance, A Passage in Time (1998)
Dead Can Dance is pretty much the exact opposite of Great Big Sea. I remembered their music from the late lamented Big Sonic Heaven radio show, which ran on Sunday nights here. A Passage in Time is "a collection of previously released works which includes two new pieces," so it seemed a good way to introduce myself to their work. DCD music is pretty heavy, textured, atmospheric, kind of dark--really good for late evening/early morning. There are a lot of classical and medieval allusions to the songs. I recently saw DCD referred to as the band to look up if you want something edgier than Enya or Enigma (or something to that effect). Lisa Gerrard, half of DCD, has moved on to a solo career and movies; she worked with Hans Zimmer on the soundtrack to the movie Gladiator.
See, I couldn't buy anything that someone might get me for a Christmas gift, so I bought these. ;-)


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