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Warm enough for ya?

Java Hutt, Ferndale, Mich.

I finally broke down and turned on my furnace for the first time this fall on Thursday night. I figured it was better to know then whether it would work, so I could call someone to fix it on Friday, than to find out Saturday night and not be able to call anyone for a day and a half. A salient point is, my furnace is the original one in the house, which means it's... 36 years old as of this year. That's about sixteen years longer than the usual length-of-service for a furnace. So it's not a given that the beast will wake up every year. (The last time I had it checked, the furnace guy said it was fine. That was a couple of years ago now.)

The weather was predicted to be cold and rainy all weekend, so I couldn't expect the sun to warm up the house by itself. Turns out that we had no rain today at all, though. Side note: maybe if all the experts would ease up on the hurricane coverage, they'd have time to adjust forecasts for the rest of the continent. Just a thought.

I like chillier houses than most, at least compared to my friends. Wolf thinks I'm crazy to keep my house thermostat between 60 and 65 degrees. But then, he doesn't pay my heat bill. ;-) Then again, when I told him that, he said "I'll pay your heat bill when I'm there." Maybe I should take him up on it, but I'm stubborn. I think we should be a bit more hardened to the cold than we're inclined to be. That way, when the world's climate goes topsy-turvy due to global warming, we'll be more ready for it. (Hey, I saw it in The Day After Tomorrow. It could happen, right?) Anyway, if we don't need to buy woolen sweaters, flannel shirts, and big fuzzy socks, the winter garment industry will collapse. I'm only keeping the house cold for the good of the economy -- the petroleum industry can't have ALL my money.

I'm rambling. Time to pack up the laptop and go home. :)



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Oct. 23rd, 2005 10:09 am (UTC)
Cold house, warm heart? I can think of a couple of advantages to that. It promotes snuggling, for instance. ;)
Oct. 23rd, 2005 04:26 pm (UTC)
Absolutely. Snuggling is a lot better when it's chilly and you have lots of blankets to snuggle under. Summer snuggling just doesn't work for me.
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