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Labor Day Weekend Report

This is the more pleasant post I was alluding to. I wanted to have photos, but they haven't magically transformed from film to prints to pixels yet.

Friday afternoon, I left work early and went to visit Leslie up north. She hosts a "open circle" music jam in West Branch on Friday Nights, and I met her there. Java Junction is a very nice coffee house located in part of what was once a grain elevator. We didn't spend much time inside, though, because it was very nice outside and Leslie brought a portable fire pit. So we built a fire on the front lawn and played out there as night fell. We were joined by singer/songwriters Maggie Ferguson, host of the Live! From the Living Room concert series, and Marilyn Driggs, along with about two dozen local folks who came to listen. We played from seven till a little after eleven, then went off to a local bar to unwind with some food.

I stayed overnight at Leslie's house, and on Saturday she gave me the guided tour of the Au Sable River area. This is one of Michigan's most popular recreation spots; lots of canoeing and boating and camping all over the place. It's very pretty, and I believe Leslie when she says it's stunning in the fall. We visited the Lumberman's Monument (dedicated to the men who denuded the state of its trees in the 1800s and early 1900s) but did not go to The Dam Store, which is immortalized in hundreds of bumper stickers around the state.

Reluctantly, I drove home Saturday evening so I could be ready for my sister's birthday party on Sunday. She's now the age of the answer to the question of the meaning of life (42, of course) and just moved into a house about 1/2 mile from my house (eep!) with her son and his wife (don't ask). It was a good party complete with cake and ice cream, as per regulations.

Today I did a little yard work but was otherwise a slug. The weather has been incredibly nice here. We don't usually have holiday weekends this good. I expect my taxes will go up to pay for this.



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Sep. 6th, 2005 01:54 pm (UTC)
Sounds like it was a blast...! I had a similar tour a few weeks ago - it's gorgeous up there. (Maybe we'll have to take Leslie up on her invitation to the "Fall Colors" trip next month, after all...)
Sep. 7th, 2005 07:34 pm (UTC)
cool!! more photos? when?!
nice to see you postin fun happy stuff again:)

"We don't usually have holiday weekends this good. I expect my taxes will go up to pay for this." - dont forget car insurance rates hehehe - no, im not tryin to rain on your parade, glad things are going well for you. au sable area is awesome. i almost bought land up there even. east tawas. i love the forested areas.

gotta watch out for deer on the highways at night tho, last time i was out there i had to drive 35 down I-75 to avoid them, they were running out in packs of upto roughly a dozen at a time right infront of me!!! do ppl not hunt for them for food as much as they used to or something?
Sep. 7th, 2005 11:51 pm (UTC)
Re: cool!! more photos? when?!
I almost got me a Bambi on the way into Tawas on Saturday night... it still had some of its spots. It scampered across the road, and that woke me up. A collision with even a little one like that would not have done my car much good.

I think there are just way too many deer these days. They're protected and their year-round predators are gone, so there are way more than there probably should be. If it wasn't for the hunting season they'd probably be starving to death in the winter. I'm not a wildlife biologist but I'd guess the ecosystem is all out of whack as far as deer are concerned.

I got the photos back yesterday but the printing on them sucks. I'm not sure I can salvage them when I scan them in, but I'll try.
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