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Supreme court speculation - bah!

So there's yet another news report of something Supreme Court nominee John Roberts said or did once, this time being Roberts Once Wrote of 'Abortion Tragedy'. See, what's happening is this: President Bush nominated him just before Congress went on their summer recess. (Note: I guess since Congress always takes August off, so can the President, eh? But that's a different rant.) The nomination hearings won't take place until September. So we're going to be subjected to endless speculation about what this memo he wrote while he was assistant to someone meant, and what it shows about how he'll rule if he's on the Supreme Court. And frankly, I'm feeling like we're being nibbled to death by ducks.

You know what makes a good Supreme Court justice? How well he or she thinks and writes and uses the law, including the Constitution. It's not that he agrees with any specific interest group. And it's not how he acted when he was working for a presidential administration that wanted something he may or may not have agreed with.

Americans should remember the example of Sandra Day O'Connor, who turned out to be a very different jurist than we expected she would when she was nominated a quarter-century ago. David Souter makes an equivalent example, too. Granted, we know relatively little about John Roberts since he's been a judge for only a short time. That does concern me, but there's time to learn enough about him in September -- and anyway, you don't usually know how a justice will act until he/she has been in the job for a while. I say the media should shut up and the politicians should quit spoiling for a fight over Roberts. At least wait till the hearings start, for crying out loud.


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