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I left the house this morning to find my neighbor Cindy waiting for me. "You're a grandpa," she said. She was referring to the starlings who nested in my attic; their eggs have hatched. I thought they might've from some of the noises I've been hearing. This is good, because they're on a short lease. The roof is getting replaced around the end of the month and they'll get evicted then.

But then Cindy related that there was a blue jay marauding up by the nest, and at that moment there was a baby under my car near a tire. And sure enough, when I got down on the driveway to look, there was a ball of gray fluff. We couldn't tell if it was moving or not.

I got a stick to poke at it. It reluctantly moved. It was still alive.

This was cool. But it could not stay up against my tire. Tires roll and crunch little birds.

I took a moment to water flower beds, then came back. Baby was still by the tire. I heard an adult starling somewhere, but it didn't seem to want to come too close.

I got a slightly bigger and stronger stick and managed to pry baby away from the tire. Then I got in the car, put it in neutral, and kind of pushed it without starting the engine so the car rolled backwards a little.

Baby eventually worked its way toward the front of the car ... where it again found a wheel to huddle against. Out came the stick again. I pushed baby away from the tire, left the stick there so it could act as a barrier, and then pushed the car way down the driveway.

Note to self: Driveway is sloped more than it looks, and the car would keep rolling out into the street if I don't stop it. This time, I did stop it.

Poor baby was now sitting in the driveway forlorn with no tire to huddle against. I thought maybe I should somehow convince it to move into the weeds by the edge of the driveway for protection. But I thought I might've done enough already. I watched for a while and didn't see mom or dad come down. But I couldn't stay, because I was already fifteen minutes later for work than I wanted to be. So off I went.

I hope baby turns out all right. Realistically, I know that baby birds falling out of the nest prematurely don't have real good chances of survival. I just hope I don't see a tragedy in the driveway when I come home tonight.


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