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Traffic news

Left over from last weekend: My trip to Louisville, actually to southern Indiana, gave me my first experience with seatbelt enforcement checkpoints. The Indiana state police set up roadblocks on highways where you have to slow down, and they look in to make sure you're all belted in. How bizarre. Good thing I wear seatbelts, and would even if there was no law.

This weekend, I went to two birthday parties. It took me forever to get to the first one because every single road within 10 miles of the hosts' house was under construction and jammed up for miles. The real problem is, almost all of these roads are two-lane roads in areas 20-25 miles from downtown Detroit, which were farmland up till the last ten years, but have suddenly been "developed" with subdivisions and shopping centers. So now they're (finally) widening roads there, while already widened roads elsewhere in the metro area run through underused neighborhoods. This has been going on here for decades. It's not so much that I begrudge my friends their new house, which is very fine and they deserve a fine house. It's just that ... well, this metropolitan area is really beginning to resemble a donut, y'know? How does a city survive when it becomes a bigger and bigger circle with no center to it? It's just something we haven't really seen before, but we will, here in Detroit at least.



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Jun. 5th, 2005 02:16 pm (UTC)
There was a seatbelt check point at 9 & Woodward yesterday, and they were picking people off at the red light. I wonder if they're going to try it today?
Jun. 6th, 2005 04:14 am (UTC)
I just saw a commercial about it on the 11:00 news tonight. I didn't know they were doing that here yet, but I guess they are. This bugs the libertarian I used to be... too intrusive into peoples' lives. On the other hand, I'm not in favor of driving without a seatbelt, so I won't be picketing anytime soon.

At least it looks like the Michigan state cops don't make you stop so they can take their look. In Indiana I had to come to just about a stop so they could see whether I was belted.
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