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New CDs

Back home again, of course (got home late on Tuesday).... work is a bear as I thought it would be. No, not a cute baby polar bear, either. But I just had one of those moments that reminds me why I like music. Sitting here online, I'm listening to Tracy Grammer's new CD Flower of Avalon, which has apparently taken the folk world by storm. That's very understandable. Dave Carter's words and Tracy Grammer's musicianship make a heady combination to be sure. I'm on my second listen to it tonight, and it makes me want to get out a guitar and sing along. It's a bit different from the Dave & Tracy CDs; some strong hints of Mary Chapin Carpenter, which is no surprise because John Jennings produced it and Carpenter sings on a few of the cuts. It sounds real good. My favorite cut so far is "Hey Ho," a biting commentary on how war gets taught to our young'uns. Also very good is "Gypsy Rose," which I'm sure I heard before but isn't on any of her previous albums. Heck, all the cuts are good.

Flower of Avalon came from Ear X-Tacy in Louisville, the greatest CD store in the world (or so I think). I also picked up U2's The Joshua Tree and Pearl Jam's hits collection rearviewmirror, but I probably don't have to review those, do I?



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Jun. 2nd, 2005 02:16 pm (UTC)
Welcome back!

Very envious about the CD store. We used to have decent ones in the Detroit area (Sam's Jam's, Repeat the Beat, etc.), but they've all been driven out of business by the Evil Corporate Chains From Hell. (Sigh.) Thankfully, most of the artists I'm really fond of sell their music through their own web sites - and this frequently includes releases that don't make it to the stores. (And I've got the credit card bills to prove how often I visit those sites...!)

Your mention of Dave Carter also makes me a bit sad that I missed him and Tracy Grammer when they did the A/A Folk Festival a few years ago. (Lori and I arrived late.) If I remember correctly, he passed away shortly thereafter. Dang...
Jun. 2nd, 2005 02:54 pm (UTC)
Yeah, he passed away in the summer of that year, like six months after the Ann Arbor Folk Festival. I saw them at Ann Arbor and wished they could've had way more than just three songs.
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